Heaven and Hell

This is a short video teaching followed by the full audio of part one of my series on Heaven and Hell. Hell is not a state of mind it is a real place. When people enter Hell they become the most evangelistic folks on the planet, however it is too late. It is not possible to warn others about Hell after death. Now is the time to preach the full gospel. There is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun.


Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

This was the question that I saved until last in my series over the past six weeks entitled: “21 Questions” It is one of the most asked questions of any other in Christianity. In future sermons I will discuss in more detail about the Omniscience of God and how if He knows everything that will happen then what about prayer? How does our free will fit in?  And other related examples.

This question on “Why Do Bad things happen to Good People” has been answered, in my opinion, incorrectly for centuries. One thing we must know for certain and that is we should not ever blame God. When the enemy tries to destroy you through heartache and tragedy, remember his ultimate goal is for you to react by blaming God. That brings him the most satisfaction.

Below is the short clip. For the full sermon see my blog on “21 Questions” the series.
God Bless!








Exposing Deception

Here is a short video clip on Exposing Deception in the Church, followed by the full audio version. This was a tremendous day at Word of Life Church. We are experiencing a freedom in the Spirit like never before. The All Campus Service was full  of laughter, joy and thankfulness. What a pleasure it is to serve Jesus.   Pastor Rob



21 Questions

I began a new series on Sunday Morning entitled “21 Questions” Each week we will answer the hard questions. Here is a short video clip of the first sermon followed by audio files in full. If you have a question to submit, please email me at PastorRob@wolm.org.  Pastor Rob

Part 1    April 3, 2016


Part 2    April 10,2016


Part 3    April 17, 2016


Part 4    April 24, 2016


Part 5     May 1, 2016


Part 6    May 15, 2016