What is Really Important

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We began a new series for the month of August called “What is Really Important”. As the body of Christ we are in this world, but in reality we are not of this world. The Word shows us what we should think on, how we should pray, and it prepares us for our purpose on this side of Heaven. The world is becoming a dark place and injustice is everywhere. My prayer is that you find and follow what is really important as a mom, dad, employee, friend, etc. etc. and that you find contentment, peace, blessing, community, and purpose.

August 7, 2016 – Pastor Rob Rotola

August 14, 2016 – Pastor Rob Rotola

August 21, 2016 – Pastor Rob Rotola

August 28, 2016 – Pastor Rob Rotola


The Amazing Body of Christ

This morning I preached a sermon about “Difference Makers and History Makers”. Each one of us has been gifted to be an important part in His Kingdom!

Never go negative on the body because once you go negative it is difficult to go back.

It is easy to think everyone should be as passionate as you in your particular area. It can also happen that we do not give enough respect to the so called lesser parts. Every part is vital. Every member of the body needs to learn to respect others calling as well as their own calling, gift, and part.

I pray that God will minister to you as you listen to this sermon on the Amazing Body of Christ!  Join with me in praying that we all find our place and sincerely honor the entire body.    Pastor Rob

July 24, 2016 – Pastor Rob Rotola

Summer of Mercy 25th Reunion Speakers

Saturday Night – Flip Benham

Sunday Night – Solemn Assembly

Monday Night – Pastor Matt Trewhella

Tuesday Night – Bishop Otis Kenner

Wednesday Night – Michael Peroutka

Thursday Night – Coach Dave Daubenmire

Friday Night – Rev. Rusty Thomas

666 Demons On The Loose

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After much prayer and preparation the Lord gave me what I believe was the message and tone for Christians during this most difficult time in America. What is happening is from the enemy and it is on purpose to destroy our unity and influence as the body of Christ on earth. Praise God we have been given the tools to break the power of darkness and see our Nation turned around for the glory of God. I implore you to pray without ceasing.   Pastor Rob

July 10, 2016 – Pastor Rob Rotola

Stand and Preach

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The Time is now to take back our rights and authority as lights in this lost and dying world. On this Independence Day weekend love America enough to Stand and Preach.

Stand and Preach – July 3, 2016


After my sermon in honor of the Fourth of July all the children stood across the entire stage waving flags and honoring America. It was a touching memory for all who witnessed it!  Pastor Rob

karen and kids with flags

Karen Schwartz singing The National Anthem- Be prepared for goosebumps!

June 2016

June was a great time of ministry at Word of Life. Debbie and I were able to travel once again to various campuses and feel the awesomeness of doing so. We were blessed to witness a Spirit filled Sunday School class, a full house and New Worship Minister at MAC, and two services at South one in English and one in Swahili. God is adding each month as we continue to strive for unity for the sake of souls.

Below are the Guest Speakers we had at Word of Life North for the month of June.
Each of these sermons ministered well and touched the heart of what God is doing in the earth today. Here are my faithful friends and anointed men of God who understand Kingdom business.  Pastor Rob

Evangelist Hayne Schurz from Tulsa, OK

Pastor Tim Nicholson – Double Jubilee

Pastor Dairry Walker – Resisting Temptation

Shannon West – Expanding Your Territory