Pastor Rob and Debbie Rotola have been the Senior Pastors of Word of Life Church since Father’s Day of 1989. Pastor Rob has an apostolic call on his life with a mandate to encourage all Christian churches to put God’s commission first and foremost.

Pastor Rob is a Rhema graduate, an inspirational and positive Bible preacher, teacher, and pastors’ pastor. Pastor Rob is also the Kansas State Director for Family Resource Council out of Washington DC.

He ministers at the Word of Life Church North Campus. He also teaches via weekly video broadcasts, through seminars, radio broadcasts, and workshops.

Rob and Debbie have been married since 1982. They have five children all of whom serve in the ministry. and five grandchildren.

They bring a specific two fold vision (see below) and 28 years of stability and faithfulness to the house of the Lord in Wichita, Kansas.

The Vision:

Word of Life is known for two things. First of all we have embarked on an Evangelistic Program that has won over 3,000,000 to Christ. These first time decisions are mainly in Muslim and Hindu nations. This has been done for a cost of less than one dollar per soul saved. Any church can duplicate this plan and win thousands to Christ.

Secondly, Word of Life has experienced ten church mergers. Word of Life has effectively merged with existing churches representing six different denominations.

Presently there are 5 Word of Life Campuses in Wichita, one in Mesa AZ, and 140 worldwide. Each campus of Word of Life is an active Vision 2020 campus and has joined with Rob and Debbie to see much more done for the Kingdom together than alone.

Word of Life also has Partnership Churches. These churches have remained autonomous but have also adopted Vision 2020 and have agreed to promote church unity.

The last group are known as Vision 2020 Supporters. These churches collect funds on a regular basis that support overseas evangelism crusades. These hand picked crusades have seen at least one soul saved per dollar given. Vision 2020 supporting churches and individuals are located throughout the nation.

Each campus of Word of Life is an active Vision 2020 campus and has joined with Rob and Debbie to see much more done for the Kingdom together than alone.

John 17:21 is a paramount verse at Word of Life Church. We believe we will see the Church walk in this type of unity in our lifetime.

Jesus prayed in John17: 20-23 that the church would be one so that the world may believe. Word of Life congregations have become larger, more racially diverse and stronger which has led to greater numbers won to Christ through this merging process.

If you would like to find out more about Vision 2020 (A simple way to win the world) and how you can begin to sow the seeds of unity in your area, please take the time to view the videos on his blog http://www.robrotola.com and then contact Rob Rotola at pastorrob@wolm.org.

Pastor Rob’s  “To The Church” segments (short relevant teachings) are also available on our church website at wolm.org.  You can also find on our website more information about all that Word of Life Church Wichita has to offer for you and your family.

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