President Donald Trump lived a very secular life for six decades plus. He was a successful father and businessman who had political beliefs that were good and bad when viewed through evangelical eyes. He was Pro Choice ( Pro Abortion ) until an event occurred that changed that. He is now a champion for the unborn made in God’s image. He had spiritual encounters in the last 5 years that have drawn him into a beginning relationship with Christ. I have a minister friend who prayed personally with Donald Trump to give his life to Christ. His wisdom in financial affairs and negotiating new trade deals is unparalleled in the history of the U.S. presidency. His demeanor in fighting back, instead of kissing up to the news media is a departure from normal beltway behavior. The unyielding attacks on his every movement is also a first. The Hurricane taking place right now in the Carolinas is even being blamed on him. What’s really going on is this: 1) A former N.Y. liberal turned conservative is taking on Liberal/Socialist politicians and the news media. 2) He is appointing godly conservative judges, lowering taxes, taking on radical Muslim terrorists, and standing with Christians. Conservative Christians would have never guessed this possible from a famous N.Y. liberal of 6 decades. We consider it a miracle. God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. As far as his many past transgressions as a liberal and as a ladies man, Christians are willing to see who he is in Christ now, rather than who he was as a N.Y. liberal playboy. And honestly, I don’t know a politician in my lifetime who has demonstrated the will to bring conservative change to pass in the face of unrelenting attacks from the establishment of both parties and the fake news juggernaut. It is true that President Trump has dug many ditches for himself in his life. He did very good as a sinner at being one. However, no matter what he does now( Good, great or otherwise ), he will continually be lied about every day all day. The left are unhinged. All minority groups are doing much better with his policies. The genocide against the unborn is being pushed back. Terrorism is being decimated. We are becoming energy independent. More drug dealers are being stopped at the border. Many more good things too long to blog. In the end, America’s future will depend on this battle being fought right now. The saddest thing for me is to see the liberal ministers who stand with the Pro Abortion party and join in on the hatred of this President. They have sold out the babies to stick with the Party of socialism promising free stuff for everyone. As for me and my house, we choose life. And concerning President Trump, I say thank you for practicing the spiritual warfare most ministers only talk about. Hang in there Pres. And know that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

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