Donald Trump

I was raised in NYC. I know very well that the NYC way can be brash, somewhat arrogant and of late, very liberal. In walks Donald Trump. The previous pro abortion NY liberal extremely successful businessman and media sensation. He played the system donating large amounts to both parties. He was definitely a ladies man. Tall, handsome, rich and more. Just ask him.

Then something happened. GOD GOT A HOLD OF HIM! He became pro life, protecting the unborn. He surrounded himself with Spiritual advisors that make the framework of evangelical America. He came to the kingdom for such a time as this. In a total reversal from Obama’s policies like releasing five notorious terrorists from Guantanamo to pushing the perverted gender confusion agenda,

Trump drew a line in the sand. 95 percent of ISIS has been killed. Taxes are lower. The economy is booming. Black unemployment is the lowest in American history. And godly judges fill the court system from sea to shining sea. We traded a President who would not wear an American flag lapel pin to one that took on the powerful NFL rebuking them for their lack of respect for the military and police. This and much more has occurred while the PRESS has attempted to slaughter him daily. From he is mentally unfit to hold office to he is Adolph Hitler. Well, Adolph killed the Jews and Trump is Israel’s greatest friend.

And as for the press, while you continue to do your bidding for the prince of the power of the air, just know that America’s Christians while calling you out for fake news delivered daily, are praying for your souls. Lastly, I call on Preachers to stand in their pulpits and man up and be the cultural leaders of our country. And to all believers, pray for your president as he takes on the terrorists of the world and the progressive socialists among us.

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