The Great Revivals


This sermon is a summary of the great moves of God since the time of Jesus. It is launching a brand new Life Group called “The Great Revivals” that will run from February to May 2016 at Word of Life North. Each week we will go over specific revivals and teach them in much more detail. Video of some of the great Healing Crusades of old will be played as well. What was the Great Awakening? What happened during the Healing Revival of the 40’s and 50’s? What was the Jesus movement really all about?

You will learn from various teachers, some of whom were right in the middle of these moves of God and will share from first-hand experience. Do not miss this amazing series The Great Revivals held Wednesday nights at 6:30 at 3811 N Meridian.

Please note: The last Wednesday Night of each month is set aside for “Beyond Words”. Beyond Words is our time of just worship and being open to the Holy Spirit’s call.

I hope this sermon will stir your faith to serve the God of the Great Revivals in a more earnest way. Our job as Christians is to gleam wisdom from all of them and to build upon them. What is the next Great Revival coming to the Church? Listen to His voice because I believe we are already in the beginning stages.

May God Bless you with supernatural insight and direction.

Pastor Rob

Click below for The Great Revivals teaching schedule
greatrevivals schedule






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