Excerpts from the Book


We have been commissioned to write the story of Word of Life and how we got to where we are today. God has called us to ignite unity among the entire true body of Christ. Jesus prayed in John 17:21 that we would all be one so the world will become believers. There is more power and blessing than you can ever imagine in unity.  That blessing and power will be released when the Church starts to operate like the Church (Singular).

The days of discord being sown in the church is coming to an end. The people of Word of Life understand the consequences of the sin of division. The Bible is clear to protect the innocent sheep from this sin. God spoke to us many years ago that we would be one of the churches who would replace church splits with church mergers. We have seen amazing strides in this area. When we use our gifts and talents and operate as a team miracles happen. When we unite it will ignite. God commands the blessing on unity.

We have been called to a great commission and we all have our part in making it come to pass. In the book we discuss how important it is to love the entire body of Christ. How to work together instead of competing with one another. When and how to honor true shepherds and their families. We are all part of one family and one team. We need to begin to see the church down the block as part of our church. We are all one church and one equals one.

Word of Life has gone from one campus to 70 in a few short years. Each campus has entered a covenant to win 20 million souls with adopting Vision 2020. We will go into detail about Vision 2020 and how easy it is to become a soul winning machine.

The Bible says that when the people are one, nothing shall be restrained from them. It is important to understand that God has already unified us. It was his plan from the start. It will be the church he is coming back for. A unified church.

A unified church that brings the gospel to the whole world.

And then the end shall come.


Unity for the Sake of Souls,
Pastor Rob




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