The Bold The Focused, The Submitted, and The Unoffendable

A lesson we all need to be reminded of is if the enemy loses someone to God’s team, he sets forth a plan to cripple their effectiveness as an heir of God.

God is looking for servants who are bold, focused, submitted to authority, and unoffendable. Those four attributes can advance the Kingdom and change the world.

On the other hand, if Satan can get God’s children to doubt their worth, become distracted, disregard spiritual leaders, and plant seeds of offence the damage they can do to the kingdom of darkness will be minimized.

Here are a few powerful truths that will cause overcoming victory in the area of boldness, focus, submission, and living offence free.

BOLDNESS: Take time to find out who you are in Christ. It is not enough to hear the preacher on Sunday tell you, you need to become grounded in your rights and inheritance as God’s heir. Meditate on the promises in the word. We know that faith in general comes by hearing, but faith in ‘who you are’ comes the same way –  by hearing and hearing. Heb 4:16 says: “Therefore, come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Satan is threatened by an emboldened believer. Boldness is a key to victory and is part of your inheritance.

FOCUS: The next move of the enemy is to cause you to live in spiritual distraction. Become rooted and grounded and you will not be tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. God desires to show you how you can use your gifts and talents to further His Kingdom. Distraction is a success killer. A bold and focused believer can play havoc on the enemy.

SUBMISSION: Understanding spiritual authority will cause you to advance at a much faster pace. God not only wants us to use our gifts and talents; He also wants us to receive and honor the leadership He placed over us. A believer who is bold and focused will find that others will want to follow him. Without a full understanding of the need for spiritual authority pride will begin to take root. Don’t be one who kicks against the pricks to those whom God has placed in your life as your spiritual authority. Bucking the system is a sign that pride is taking root and will lead to destruction and a fall.

OFFENCE:  The fourth strategy of the enemy is to temp every chance he can with his weapon of offence. Thank God we have a solution to this problem. Even the most easily offended among us can be set free from a hardened, offended spirit. The Bible says that he who loves the Word does not get offended. First we must understand that to love God is to love his Word. As Psalm 119 says, “Oh how I love your law!” (v. 97). Offense and love are not compatible because love covers, believes the best, honors, protects and never fails. Fall in Love again with His word and offence will not be a problem.

Offence is especially harmful because Christians who have a problem with offense fail in their mission on earth. They fail not so much because of the sin of offence but because of their lack of love of the word. If we put his word above all things, we will not, can not, be offended. If you find yourself giving in to the temptation of offence just bath yourself in scripture. Satan knows that when all else fails he can always fall back on the weapon of offence. Offended Christians are hard to be around. Offended leaders are lethal to the Kingdom because the fruit of offence is division. Living an offended life as a Christian will destroy your chances of breakthrough personally and bring destruction to what God desires through unity. Fight offence with every ounce of your strength because it is that dangerous! Fight it and win with a renewed love for His word.

It is time to receive your full inheritance not just part of it. Become fruitful in your Christian service with boldness, Godly focus, respect for Spiritual authority, and a non offended lifestyle. You will then thrive in your calling and be a much happier and productive Christian servant.

Pastor Rob

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