Discipleship 8 Hours a Day

Today was a good day.

For all those who have supported our school over the years – Thank You! Thank you for the sacrifice it took to put your children in a Christian school and for standing in the gap when needed.  Thank you for your relentless prayers and taking the time to spread the word about Life Preparatory Academy.

We are reminded of the City of Faith Hospital that unfortunately could not survive, though paid for, because not enough of the body supported it. These things happen far too often. Today, however, because of you Life Prep had its grandest opening day ever! Our highest enrollment in 15 years, 8 AP college prep courses, The highest level teacher core, The latest and best new Christian world view curriculum, Updated facilities, furniture and equipment, New sound proof music rooms, A beautiful new student housing complex and more. God has been glorified!

Please help make the future of Life Prep even brighter by spreading the word about these things! Word of mouth helps more than you know.

The Fall is the most wonderful time of the year because every room at Word of Life North is filled with young minds eager and open to learn. As you know, our facilities have always been shared and our doors are open 7 days a week. Ministry happens inside and outside the buildings day and night. It is rarely quiet around Word of Life and that is music to our ears.

At Word of Life we are humbly known as a soul winning ministry. Vision 2020 is a simple evangelism plan that to date has won more than one soul per dollar donated! Each week the number of souls increase but it is because we have chosen to rally behind and support brothers and sisters in Christ who have already painstakingly broken fallow ground and opened doors for the Gospel. It’s that simple. – we need to support what is already happening!

Some have said that souls are great, but what about discipleship?

Needless to say there is no better avenue for discipleship than having a Christian school! And due to our unique ability to receive many students from all over the world, our school is also a mission field! All students at Life Prep hear the Good News on a daily basis. Conservative principles are intertwined in every classroom. Gods love is lived out by our staff and displayed to our students. An exciting new ‘Big Brother Program’ has begun this year encouraging Word of Life families and friends to adopt a student for a holiday, an evening, or simply a coffee time. If you want to do something with amazing spiritual rewards, please contact my son Rob at the school to find out more about this new volunteer program @ 316-838-1243.

We are so thankful for all of our alumni, current students, parents, teachers, support staff, prayer warriors, voices of support, and financial donors. One day you will all see the exponential fruit of your labor and support. The lives that have been and will be transformed are eternally grateful.

We also are forever grateful to you all for the years of faithful support. May God Bless you all. And may God have His way this year at Life Prep.

Love, Pastor Rob & Debbie

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