Will We Marry Gays?

To God yes; but not to each other.

Dear Gay Reader,

The Christian Church loves you. We want to help you connect with God as we are trying to connect with God. Jesus is the most compassionate, most forgiving entity in existence. He died so you and I can be forgiven. He clearly taught us that we should not follow all of our biological impulses or our wandering thoughts.

The Lord gives us the strength to follow His will for our lives. Get your focus off the Gay agenda and on to the God agenda for your life. Begin to draw close to Him. Live for Him. Read His book and freely receive His love. As you set your mind on Him earthly impulses will fade in time. If you desire help, call someone who followed this path out of the lifestyle. Do not believe the lie that you feeling wrong inside is not real. We all have been born with a conscience and we all have an inner knowing when something is not right.

At Word of Life we have partnered with New Creations Ministry. Clint Price is one who has left the lifestyle and helps others in the struggle. There is help out there for those who seek it. Clint Price: 316-303-2942.

One thing I would like to be clear on and that is we are all sinners and in need of a savior. All who call on Him He will in no wise cast out. There is strength, dignity and unconditional love waiting for you and His name is Jesus. He shed His blood on the cross at Calvary to make us all free.

In His Service,
Pastor Rob

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