Let The Bidding Begin

How much is one child worth? How about just a piece of him?

The recent headlines about Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts is nothing new; they just got caught.

Sadly I predicted the next few statements when I first learned of this horrific news.

President Obama will do nothing. The liberal loving preachers will ignore it and Satan will continue the slaughter of children. God help us!

We actually have churches in Wichita KS that will predominately vote in candidates in 2016 who are pro-abortion and approve of gay marriage. They say that it is the other things that they are voting for. What things? It mainly boils down to money. The Democratic Party promises handouts. It is my belief that many are deceived and do not fully get the gravity of that trade-off. As a Christian would you feel comfortable explaining to Jesus that you voted to kill babies because some politician promised to line your pockets?

The best answer I ever received when asking another Pastor the question. Who are you voting for? His answer, “I don’t vote for anyone who kills babies.” Thank you Pastor for your razor focused clarity.

As we begin to move and operate as intended as THE body of the Lord Jesus Christ we will see just how much power He bestowed upon the church. There is no one who cares more for the poor than Jesus. There is no one who loves every child and forewarned the doom of those who would cause even one of them to stumble. We serve an all inclusive God. In other words we can vote for those who try to honor basic morality and Biblical truths and also have our needs met according to His riches in glory. Seek first God and His righteousness. Vote like Jesus would. If there is not a perfect choice, than vote for the best of the flawed that can win.

Truth is we are all flawed and helpless. Our trust should never be in our government. It will always lead to disappointment. Trusting in a perfect and loving God in the midst of our hard times will never ever fail.

May the body of Christ join arms in defending those who cannot speak for themselves. And help us to realize that the only thing that stops righteousness from sweeping this nation is our lack of coming together. Because when the body operates as one, nothing shall be restrained from us. No evil in our land can stand. And no election cannot be won. Don’t wait until your brother is perfect or just like you to accept him. Walk together. Worship together. War in the spirit together. Win together. It is and was always His plan.

God forgive me for not protecting the innocent more.

Pastor Rob

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