Introduction to My Blog

Dear Curious,

This will be a risky blog. I plan on saying things that Pastors are not supposed to say. I plan on teaching things that exhibit a high level of Christian thinking. We will deal with issues concerning world evangelization, church structure, and how to dismantle the kingdom of darkness. Political things are not off limits. I have no concern on whether you would be more likely or less likely to attend our church. What is important is seeing sweeping changes in Christianity. The church that Jesus envisions is a soulwinning and nation reaching church. Most churches today win almost no souls and the people do not seem to care. If attendance is good, the offering is decent, and we had a good service all is well. People looking for a church care about the nursery, the sound of the music and other important things, but God wants His church to also care about the salvation of souls. Another blemish on Christianity is that churches largely operate as islands to themselves. A church could burn to the ground just down the street and some leaders will wonder how many of their members they will get. On a side note, if you love your local church one percent more than the church down the street you are in sin. Jesus does not love your church more than the church down the street. Do not love your church less. Love the other church more. The truth is there is only one church.

I am extremely optimistic that the high priestly prayer of Jesus in John 17:21, that the church would unify so that the world will believe will occur in our lifetime. More on this later.

In closing, Jesus’ church is advancing and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.


2 thoughts on “Introduction to My Blog

  1. Maureen Chege

    Praise God Pastor Rob, way to go, it is so true not many Pastors would admit it but that is nothing but the truth. Keep the fire burning.


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