Drag Queens in Wichita

Drag Queens and the downtown wichita public library team up to indoctrinate our kids with the Pro Homosexual agenda. Right is wrong. Wrong is right. Boys can be girls. Girls can be boys. Let’s affirm every deviant sexual behavior at the library! Libraries are not supposed to be places that endanger kids morally. Call the downtown library and tell them to stop social experiments with children.


President Donald Trump lived a very secular life for six decades plus. He was a successful father and businessman who had political beliefs that were good and bad when viewed through evangelical eyes. He was Pro Choice ( Pro Abortion ) until an event occurred that changed that. He is now a champion for the unborn made in God’s image. He had spiritual encounters in the last 5 years that have drawn him into a beginning relationship with Christ. I have a minister friend who prayed personally with Donald Trump to give his life to Christ. His wisdom in financial affairs and negotiating new trade deals is unparalleled in the history of the U.S. presidency. His demeanor in fighting back, instead of kissing up to the news media is a departure from normal beltway behavior. The unyielding attacks on his every movement is also a first. The Hurricane taking place right now in the Carolinas is even being blamed on him. What’s really going on is this: 1) A former N.Y. liberal turned conservative is taking on Liberal/Socialist politicians and the news media. 2) He is appointing godly conservative judges, lowering taxes, taking on radical Muslim terrorists, and standing with Christians. Conservative Christians would have never guessed this possible from a famous N.Y. liberal of 6 decades. We consider it a miracle. God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. As far as his many past transgressions as a liberal and as a ladies man, Christians are willing to see who he is in Christ now, rather than who he was as a N.Y. liberal playboy. And honestly, I don’t know a politician in my lifetime who has demonstrated the will to bring conservative change to pass in the face of unrelenting attacks from the establishment of both parties and the fake news juggernaut. It is true that President Trump has dug many ditches for himself in his life. He did very good as a sinner at being one. However, no matter what he does now( Good, great or otherwise ), he will continually be lied about every day all day. The left are unhinged. All minority groups are doing much better with his policies. The genocide against the unborn is being pushed back. Terrorism is being decimated. We are becoming energy independent. More drug dealers are being stopped at the border. Many more good things too long to blog. In the end, America’s future will depend on this battle being fought right now. The saddest thing for me is to see the liberal ministers who stand with the Pro Abortion party and join in on the hatred of this President. They have sold out the babies to stick with the Party of socialism promising free stuff for everyone. As for me and my house, we choose life. And concerning President Trump, I say thank you for practicing the spiritual warfare most ministers only talk about. Hang in there Pres. And know that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

Put me in coach

In sports you have the players in the game, the players on the bench and the players who didn’t even show up to the game. Christianity has the same dynamic. Let’s use the example of youth baseball. A typical team has 9 in the game and 3 on the bench. 12 total on the team. Typically all show up. So you have 80% in the game and 20% on the bench( Ready to help ) and 100% showing up. The contrast with Christianity is stark. According to polling data: About 5% are in the game. 20% are on the bench and 75% are NO SHOWS on an average Sunday. Only 25% are showing up and only 5% are active on the field. No sports team would win with this participation rate. It’s time for believers to connect to a local body and tell the leaders PUT ME IN COACH! You have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. Follow the high call. Put that hand to the plow and don’t look back. The harvest is plenteous and the workers are few. Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send forth the workers.

Advance Missions Conference

I had the privilege to minister briefly at the Global Ventures Advance Missions Conference in Tulsa, OK. The atmosphere in the meetings was electric as Christians gathered to learn and catch the vision of end time world evangelism. The cry on the hearts of everyone in the room was for souls and Debbie and I loved it.

In this message I explain the actions we took after hearing five important words from God regarding Vision 2020.

  1. Connect with front line evangelists.
  2. Multiply churches doing the same thing.
  3. There is coming a world wide movement of unity in the body of Christ.
  4. We must transition church unity from the rhetoric phase to the action phase.
  5. I will reverse the curse of Church splits and cause church mergers.

When you add a passion for the harvest with a passion for unity you have a one two punch that will knock out any heavy weight demonic being in front of you.

If you would like to learn more about Vision 2020 and church unity you can visit our websites http://www.wolm.org or http://www.2020worldwide.org. You may also contact me if you would like advice on how you too can put the Great Commission and love for the entire church body at the forefront of your church or ministry at PastorRob@wolm.org.


Billy Graham

He was a ONE OF A KIND minister. His name was associated with one thing, the gospel. No matter the setting, you were going to hear that Jesus would save your soul if you just ask him to. And it never got old. More will get saved in his death than almost any other minister in their life. Why? Because he kept the gospel at the forefront. The dictionary/thesaurus should have as the definition of Billy Graham: Gospel presenter specialist. Well done my brother. Your name means GOD SAVES. And that is written on all our hearts. Say hello to the millions you got there that preceded you. And also, my wish is that your mantle will fall on us down here.

Donald Trump

I was raised in NYC. I know very well that the NYC way can be brash, somewhat arrogant and of late, very liberal. In walks Donald Trump. The previous pro abortion NY liberal extremely successful businessman and media sensation. He played the system donating large amounts to both parties. He was definitely a ladies man. Tall, handsome, rich and more. Just ask him.

Then something happened. GOD GOT A HOLD OF HIM! He became pro life, protecting the unborn. He surrounded himself with Spiritual advisors that make the framework of evangelical America. He came to the kingdom for such a time as this. In a total reversal from Obama’s policies like releasing five notorious terrorists from Guantanamo to pushing the perverted gender confusion agenda,

Trump drew a line in the sand. 95 percent of ISIS has been killed. Taxes are lower. The economy is booming. Black unemployment is the lowest in American history. And godly judges fill the court system from sea to shining sea. We traded a President who would not wear an American flag lapel pin to one that took on the powerful NFL rebuking them for their lack of respect for the military and police. This and much more has occurred while the PRESS has attempted to slaughter him daily. From he is mentally unfit to hold office to he is Adolph Hitler. Well, Adolph killed the Jews and Trump is Israel’s greatest friend.

And as for the press, while you continue to do your bidding for the prince of the power of the air, just know that America’s Christians while calling you out for fake news delivered daily, are praying for your souls. Lastly, I call on Preachers to stand in their pulpits and man up and be the cultural leaders of our country. And to all believers, pray for your president as he takes on the terrorists of the world and the progressive socialists among us.